* images  that present even common subjects from interesting angles or points of view

* essays  that inform the intelligent viewer, moving beyond what you already know


 [  words below images on index pages are tangents to essay topics  ]


 [ external links on webpages are portals to related information]



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1)  on index page, click on any image  -  this will open a webpage, showing links to an image collection and to a brief essay  ...  and links to related external articles and websites 

2)  on webpage, click  on  "images"  link  to view the associated image album  ...  clicking each image will then advance to next in series  ...  or may view as a slideshow 

3)  essay links are bracketed by asterisks:  *** title ***;  click on  link to view essay  [ usu. illustrated 2-page / 1,000-word ]


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 most of the index page images have functionality as described   ...   more to be added   ...   a work in progress


 illustrated essays are displayed via links to PDF files.

image slideshows are displayed via links to Google Photos collections,

which allows options for viewing and access and downloading.


photography:   φωτογραφία     =     light writing


  imagessays website originated  June 2007, constructed with Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, CS4, etc.

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photographs and writings


Jim Boogaerts


physiologist / cardiologist / molecular biologist

... and amateur:

beekeeper / backpacker / geologist / paleontologist / linguist /photographer / writer