Sun  -  NASA video

solar anatomy

properties of sunlight

photosynthesis - excellent short video - molecular biology of light capture

mitochondria and chloroplasts - how they do what they do - excellent 14 min video

metabolic pathways - Roche Boehringer-Mannheim Biochemical Pathways

BioVisions - Inner Life of the Cell


extensive collection of excellent honeybee videos and images -  ARKive

HOBOS :    HOneyBee Online Studies   - 2013 - website  Jurgen Tautz et al.

The Life of the Bee    - 1901 - complete text   -  Maurice Maeterlinck

hivemind of King Saud U.    -   extensive beekeeping links

Tales from the Hive - NOVA - 2000 - full length film

The columnar organization of the human neocortex - Vernon Mountcastle review - Brain

On Intelligence  -  Jeff Hawkins

Numenta ... Grok - machine intelligence - the company ... the OS


video of honeybee hive at White House

interview with WH beekeeper

NYT gallery / interview WH hive


video re heater bees  ...  start at 3:00 min. mark

recent article re hive thermoregulation

article re heater bees

winter cluster  ...  recent news article

hive images : infrared

endothermic heat production in winter clusters


geology of the Wind River Range

Precambrian geology of Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Explorer  -  Geology of the Canyon

Grand Canyon age

Yosemite granite

Paleogeography and Geologic Evolution of North America

Royal Tyrrell museum

Canada badlands - images

The Burgess Shale

Creatures of the Burgess Shale - pics

Burgess Shale - Smithsonian site

Mt. Stephen fossil beds

Burgess Shale Walcott Quarry

profile maps of treks in Yoho N.P.


On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies  -  1905  - Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein  -  1921 Nobel lecture  -  Relativity  (delivered 7/11/23)

Einstein archives online


honeybees and color vision

visual system of honeybees

spectral heterogeneity of honeybee ommatidia

Karl von Frisch  -  Nobel lecture  -  Dec. 12, 1973


Tom Seeley :   Group Decision Making in Honey Bee Swarms

Flight Guidance Mechanisms of Honey Bee Swarms:  How They Get Where They Are Going   -   Bee Culture 2015

Maurice Maeterlinck - The Swarm

Maurice Maeterlinck - The Life of the Bee - 1901 - full text

The Young Queens  ...   eloquent description - elegant poetry and intricate science - of the rebirth of the hive left behind by a swarm  -  Maurice Maerterlinck - 1901


Rediscovery of the Metasequoia

Chronology of Metasequoia rediscovery - 2003 paper

Note on Metasequoia rediscovery - Harvard Arnold Arboretum - 1951

Crescent Ridge Dawn Redwoods Preserve


De Rerum Natura  - On the Nature of Things  -  Lucretius  -  50 BC   [full text - English]

De Rerum Natura - Lucretius - 50 BC - [full text - Latin]

The Swerve - Greenblatt - 2011 - Re:  De Rerum

De Motu Cordis: An Anatomical Study on the Motion of the Heart and Blood - Wiliam Harvey ... 1628  (full text)



The Molecular Architects of Body Design  -  the how of Hox

Atlas of the Honeybee - Scanning Electron Microscopy Images - what one sees, one may know

Video of brood comb and of adult honeybees emerging - an extensive collection of high-res honeybee videos - ARKivewebsite



Honey Bee Life History - complete text of 1980 USDA publication - see pp.24-29

The Embryology of the Honey Bee - James Allen Nelson - 1915  - complete text

Honey Bee Homeobox Genes

Eric Tourneret   -   The Bee Photographer  -  website

 honeybee genetics and breeding

excellent review of honeybee genetics and link to Honeybee Genome Project

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1995


A Quantitative Model of Honey Bee Colony Population Dynamics

Modelling Food and Population Dynamics in Honey Bee Colonies

Honey bee longevity in field colonies and laboratory cages

Regulation of life history determines lifespan of worker honey bees


De Humani Corporis Fabrica  -  Andreas Vesalius  -  1543 - digital access to entire work

De Humani Corporis Fabrica :    On the Fabric of the Human Body  -  1543  -  Andreas Vesalius  -  link to New Fabrica site

extensive sampling of pages / illustrations from recently published New Fabrica  -  2013

De Motu Cordis :   Anatomical Studies on the Motion of the Heart and Blood  -  1628  -  William Harvey   (complete text)

ΠΕΡΙ ΦΥΣΙΚΩΝ ΔΥΝΑΜΕΩΝ   On the Natural Faculties  -  Galen  -  150 AD  [ complete text in Greek, with English translation ]


The Anatomy of the Honey Bee  -  1910 -  R. E. Snodgrass

Regulation of Heartbeat in the Honeybee  -  1991  - Schwab et al.

Honeybee Heartbeat Modulation  -  2011  -  Papaefthimiou et al.

Emergence  -  NOVA - 2007  -  (full segment ) - why complex systems should even exist

American Heart Association  -  Hands-only CPR

British Heart Foundation  -  Hands-only CPR

Cardiac Arrest, Hypothermia, and Resuscitation Science  -  MOOC - excellent free video course from U.Penn School of Medicine, Center for Resuscitation Science


Phycologia Britannica - vol 1 - 1849 - William Henry Harvey [complete text]

Phycologia Britannica  - vol 2 - 1849 - William Henry Harvey [complete text]

Phycologia Britannica - vol 3 - 1849 - William Henry Harvey [complete text)

Micrographia  -  1665  - Robert Hooke  -  [complete text]

Micrographia  website  -   The more closely a phenomenon is observed, the more complex it is seen to be.  -  collection of microscopic images and info


The National WWII Museum  -  New Orleans

Eugene B. Sledge  - Mobile, Alabama  -  U.S. Marine - in the margins of his pocketNew Testament, he chronicled the wartime experiences of the 1st Marine Division while in the Pacific - later published:

With the Old Breed at Peleliu and Okinawa

Sidney Phillips - USMC

The Pacific  -  HBO miniseries

Iwo Jima - Pictorial Supplement to Fourth Marine Division Operations Report

 The Bomb     -    PBS  ...  full episode  -  premiered July 2015

Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor:  'Boom. Boom. Gone. All gone.' 

Iliad - Homer - 850 B.C.

USMC - Toward the Sounds of Chaos - the modern Iliad

Iwo Jima - Pictorial Supplement to Fourth Marine Division Operations Report

Notes of Maj. General Clifton B. Cates - 4th Marine Division Command Post - on Iwo Jima from D-Day (February 19, 1945) until D Plus 28 (March 19, 1945)

Pacific without peace ... news pics

Battle of Okinawa - Excellent Smithsonian documentary ... though titled Day of the Kamikaze,  this film gives great insight into the Japanese mindset behind the ferocity of the war in the Pacific, eventuating in the "necessary evil" which ended the conflict.

Bomb pilot's legacy

... earlier that year, in a German sky

War is not new:   Iliad - Homer - 850 B.C.

... neither is it old:    USMC - Toward the Sounds of Chaos - the modern Iliad

D-Day:  Normandy ...  news pics



Human Nose Can Detect a Trillion Scents Science mag AAAS

olfactory lobes and the limbic system in human brain

olfactory system of the honeybee

Parallel Processing via a Dual Olfactory Pathway in the Honey Bee


200 Top-Bar Hives  -  Wyatt Mangum

Top Bar Hives - BeeSource

Top Bar Hives  -  Bush Farms


BEE :  scanning EM as an artist's tool

A Scanning Electron Microscope Atlas of the Honey Bee  -  full text

bees on the move

pollen: scanning electron microscopy images

A Tour of a Bee - scanning EM tour - 9 min. video

alternation of generations - angiosperm reproduction - Khan Academy video

Life Cycle of an Angiosperm-  2:30 min. video animation


Silence of the Bees  - PBS Nature documentary - full film

TED talk re Colony Collapse Disorder

More Than Honey  - documentary  -  trailer


Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus :  -  EXZO custom outdoor gear website


The First Balloon-Expandable Coronary Stent - a Memoir  -  2015

Andreas Grüntzig ( 1939 - 1985 )  -  AHA Circulation article - 2007  -  website


charles seifried photography  -  Charles Seifried Photography website


Lost Worlds in Alabama Rocks -  2nd ed.  2013 -  Jim Lacefield  -  order info